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5th Anniversary of SEP Listing of Shares in IDX

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of PT Surya Esa Perkasa Tbk (SEP) shares listing in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

SEP got the opportunity to open the Shares Trading in IDX on 1 February 2017 and Mr. Chander Vinod Laroya was pressing the touch screen to start the Shares Trading.

The Directors of IDX which represent by Mr. Alpino Kianjaya (Director of Trading & Membership of IDX) congratulated the remarkable journey of SEP as listed company in IDX.

Mr. Chander Vinod Laroya, in his speech, expressed gratitude to IDX, shareholders and all stakeholders of company which contribute to SEP business activity in LPG Refinery and for completion of the ammonia plant construction by PT Panca Amara Utama.

After the opening, all Directors and Commissioner of SEP, Mr. Chander Vinod Laroya, Mr. Rahul Puri,                   Mr. Isenta Hioe, Mr. Ida Bagus Made Putra Jandhana and Mr. Mukesh Agrawal together with Directors of IDX blow out the candle on anniversary cake and          Mr. Chander Vinod Laroya was provides the first piece of anniversary cake to Mr. Alpino Kianjaya.

Mr. Chander Vinod Laroya then requested by IDX Television Channel to be interviewed. The interview by IDX Television Channel takes almost 30 minutes and broadcast live in Channel 100 of Indovision and streaming in

Download Press Release Here 5th Anniversary of SEP Listing of Shares in IDX- EN – 1.2MB