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ESSA Group Showcases Maleo Conservation Initiatives in PRZT-BRIN Sharing Session

Bogor, 31 May 2024 – Pusat Riset Zoologi Terapan (PRZT) under the Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN) recently hosted a hybrid sharing session focused on the conservation of the Maleo bird and efforts to reintroduce it into the wild. This session held both online and offline from the PRZT office in Bogor, West Java, provided a platform for discussing impactful conservation strategies.

ESSA Group, through its subsidiary PT Panca Amara Utama (PAU), shared its dedicated efforts in protecting the Maleo bird. Dr. Mobius Tanari, a leading conservation expert with PAU’s ex-situ Maleo program, served as the keynote speaker, offering valuable insights The Maleo bird, an endemic species to Sulawesi, holds significant importance given ESSA’s operational presence in the region. PAU, a leader in Indonesia’s chemical industry and part of the ESSA Group, has taken substantial steps to ensure the conservation of this unique species in its natural habitat.

Since 2019, ESSA Group’s conservation initiatives have successfully released 325 Maleo birds back into their natural habitat, contributing approximately 11% to the existing population of Maleo birds in the wild.

Researchers and stakeholders, participating both in person and via Zoom, showed great enthusiasm in engaging with Dr. Tanari. The session highlighted ESSA’s unwavering commitment to integrating environmental and sustainability principles into all business activities, particularly in biodiversity-rich areas like Sulawesi.

ESSA’s conservation efforts, especially those focused on the Maleo bird, set a compelling example for other industry players in Indonesia. The session underscored how businesses can actively contribute to wildlife conservation and support research and development in conservation science, particularly in regions where they operate and where endemic species like the Maleo are at risk.

Moreover, the event opened doors for increased collaboration between industry and research institutions, emphasizing the power of partnerships in enhancing conservation strategies. It illustrated how companies like ESSA can make a significant impact on the protection of endangered species, driving forward conservation efforts across the country.


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