Requirements :

  • Proficient in Indonesian Health & Safety regulations.
  • Skilled in auditing for regulatory compliance.
  • Detail-oriented in hazard identification.
  • Strong communication skills to promote safety.
  • Experienced in root cause analysis methods using tools such as 5Whys, TapRoot, RCAT, Ect.
  • Analytical skills for data analysis and trend identification.
  • Capable of emergency response planning and drills.
  • Able to conduct risk assessments.
  • Demonstrates leadership in enforcing procedures.
  • Preferably from industries like petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, or oil & gas.
  • Holds certifications in various safety disciplines as follows: Ahli K3 Umum Kemnaker, Ahli K3 Kimia Kemnaker, Ahli K3 Kebakaran Kemnaker, SMK3 PP No. 50 Tahun 2012, Auditor SMK3 Kemnaker, Incident Investigator Kemnaker, Lead Auditor ISO-45001, Lead Auditor ISO-14001, Major Hazard Facility License, Industrial Hygienist Training & Certification.

Responsibilities :

  • Develop safety policies, outline procedures, ensure compliance with laws.
  • Advise staff on maintaining safe environments.
  • Identify and assess workplace hazards.
  • Participate in safety studies and activities such as: PHAs, HAZOPs, JSAs, PSSR, SIMOPs, incident investigations, compliance reviews, or insurance surveys.
  • Review engineering designs for safety compliance.
  • Conduct on-site inspections and audits.
  • Advise on safety regulations and procedures.
  • Perform safety inspections at construction sites.
  • Review permits, conduct safety inspections, prepare reports.
  • Develop hazard controls.
  • Coordinate implementation of hazard controls.
  • Lead incident investigations, improve HSE Management System.

Bagi kandidat yang tertarik dan memenuhi kualifikasi di atas dapat melamar melalui website kami atau mengirimkan email resume/CV anda ke  paling lambat 2 minggu dari iklan ini. Hanya kandidat terpilih yang akan diberitahu untuk proses rekrutmen lebih lanjut.

Bergabunglah Bersama Kami

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